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Savings Accounts

Saving is easy.

Saving can be overwhelming, but at Tanner Employees Credit Union we make it as simple as possible. Let’s create a savings plan that works best for you and your needs. Explore the different saving options we offer below. Visit or call us today to get started!

Primary Membership

Saving has never been easier. Simply activate your savings account by depositing $5. After that, keep adding over time and watch your savings grow! We’re here to help you succeed!


Sub-Accounts are a great way to organize for specific saving goals. They are separate smaller accounts inside your savings account. You can give them unique names and set up automatic transfers to each Sub-Account for expected or unexpected expenses.



*Including sub-accounts

High-Yield Savings Account

High-Yield Savings accounts are for dedicated savers who want to earn a higher return on their savings without committing to a CD term deposit. 










Beginners Guide to Saving

Are you a new saver? Let’s get you started by exploring this beginners guide to saving. 

54 Ways to Save Money

Not sure where to begin saving? It can be more simple than you think. Here are 54 ways you can get saving today!

Saving Money on a Budget

Money can get tight. Here is a helpful article that can give you ideas on how to save on a budget. 

It's time to get saving!

Contact us today and get a savings plan in place that you're excited about.

Checking Account

We offer complimentary checking accounts with overdraft protection to all of our members. Don’t worry about ordering checks to have the benefits of a checking account, you can use this account to pay bills electronically. Stop by and sign up for a checking account today!

Visa Debit Card

Everyone loves a fast and simple way to pay. Along with our free checking accounts, we provide Visa debit cards. Enjoy the benefit of not having to carry around cash or checks. Simplify and secure how you pay. Get a debit card today!

Lost or Stolen Card? Call 1-800-523-4175

Certificate of Deposit (CDs)

A Certificate of Deposit is a type of savings account that gives you a higher interest rate. However, you cannot take the money out until the end of the term of the investment without penalty. Start by investing a minimum of $500 to open a CD.

6 Months



12 Months



24 Months